Plymouth Training and Consultancy focuses upon providing quality training and specialised consultancy for The Children and Young People's Workforce.

"We provide professional development advice, guidance and training solutions for Children and Young People workforce agencies and Training Service Providers in Plymouth. We are dedicated to providing a high standard of training and consultancy that meets the personal and career objectives of all our Clients. Our Trainers and Consultants are professionals committed to remaining up-to-date with relevant skills, knowledge and workplace relevant legislation and training.

We have a wealth of experience in working with individuals to achieve personal development within the workplace. Our approach to developing people begins with understanding the needs of the individual and the employer. Providing expertise to develop professionals and empower organisations to focus on improvement and creativeness whilst implementing strategies for change."

Our Mission

At Plymouth training and consultancy we have simple clear goals, we aim to offer training and consultancy to:

  1. Create a competent workforce for children and young people and families.


  2. Equip the workplace with the skills, knowledge & confidence to reach their full potential.


  3. Promote equality, diversity and individuality.


  4. Build a positive culture to lifelong learning.


  5. Make a difference to the overall aims and objectives of the organisation.


  6. Achieve together

Booking FAQ

Have a question that not in our FAQ, please get in touch

  1. Can I book online?

    Yes you can book online, find the course you want to do in our course dates page (see button “Course Dates” below)

  2. How do I pay for the courses I have booked?

    Payment instructions are provided post booking however payment must be made in advance of the course start date, unless you have agreed other terms with us.

  3. Can I book a course for a date that is not listed?

    Course date are set, however if you feel your organisation has enough staff to fill a class then we can create a course date just for you.

  4. Can I cancel the course I have booked?

    You will need to contact us by telephone and explain the problem in more detail.

  5. Can you add custom courses?

    We have set courses but we are flexible enough to create courses that are custom made for your organisation.