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Next Steps After Exam Results​

Exam Results Day is a tense time for all students. For some, the next steps after getting results are simple. For many others though it can be a confusing and challenging time, whether or not they achieved the grades they had hoped for. So what are your next steps after getting your results?


If you got the results you wanted and know what to do next, congratulations. If, however, you did not get your desired grades and don't know what to do next read on, we have some tips for you. 


Firstly, remember not to be too hard on yourself. We have worked with many students in your position and helped them get past this. There is always another route to achieve what you want form your life. All is not lost, there are people who want to help you through this.

Your Three Main Options

 If aren't sure what to do next, you have three main options:


Option 1 – Continue at school (perhaps in the Sixth Form) to re-sit your GCSEs to improve grades, then A levels (or re-sit your A levels if necessary)


Option 2 – Continue at school (Sixth Form) to re-sit any GCSEs (or A Levels) required and undertake a qualification with Plymouth Training at the same time. i.e. Childcare/Health and Social Care


Option 3 – Undertake an Apprenticeship


The Pros and Cons

Options One and Two are often very attractive for many students. Staying on at school gives you the chance to enjoy a familiar environment as well as an opportunity to extend your skills whilst undertaking a qualification.


With Option Two, your school will work in partnership with training companies such as Plymouth Training and Consultancy to offer you training and voluntary placements in your chosen career areas. You could also have the opportunity to continue with Maths or English and re-sit any exams if necessary.


Returning to school can sometimes be less attractive to some learners. This is where an Apprenticeship could be a great choice. An apprenticeship could be your chosen option if you feel you want to learn whilst in a real full time job and earn whilst you learn. A full career pathway is available and apprenticeships are available from level 2 all the way to degree level.  


What About Funding?

We are often asked how training with Plymouth Training and Consultancy is funded. Paying for learning can sometimes be a very difficult subject to broach. Rest assured, we are happy to discuss your financial situation discreetly. The good news is that full funding is available for all three options above, either through your school or through us.


Your Next Step

If students or parents are interested in discussing this with Plymouth Training and Consultancy simply call 01752 564342 or visit us for advice and guidance. Our contact details and location are all available on our website.

01752 564342  ​  Next Steps After Exam Results​

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